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You can get very hungry in Isan [the northern, rural region from which she comes].

Or he beats me. Thai health minister Pradit Sintavanarong said there werebirths to teenage mothers in the country in Thai Police Some people may have been surprised by the outrageousness of it all.

Young Thai girls stand outside the brothels of Pattaya city. Most of them came from the poor northern part of Thailand.

Ten years ago I visited Thailand to do a story on the commercial sex trade there. To mitigate this -- and the reluctance of parents to broach the subject with their children -- the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand has launched a campaign to educate 80, teenagers that will run until June Submit April 24, am Grimy, neon-splashed Walking Street, populated largely by young hookers and pie-eyed Western men, is the main attraction of a Thai beach town called Pattaya. Pook, 14, with her day-old baby at the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women in Bangkok, on October 29, Despite its anything-goes image, Thailand has a conservative streak, meaning that young people are told to abstain from intercourse altogether instead of being educated about using protection, a situation that experts say has driven soaring rates of teenage pregnancy.

According to the United Nations, the youjg among Thai teenagers was 47 per 1, girls from to -- roughly in line with neighbouring Cambodia, but higher than Feen They grow rice and raise buffalo, but they are very poor.

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Thailand has a low overall birthrate of just 1. Getty Images. By all s, nothing has changed. Ying, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, did ask her boyfriend to use a condom but "he is a man, he did tren listen.

Thai teen pregnancy on the rise as sex education misses the young

I grabbed my bag and ran. About 50 teenagers aged 16 to 19 years old, some with balloons stuffed under their t-shirts, laugh as two of their classmates put a condom on a dummy penis. These numerical deations make it easy for customers to call them teen take them out for cheap sex. He said many of the boarders at the centre had been raped, often by a close relation.

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But he said the true figure of pregnancies among the under 20s is thought to be double that, with many girls opting for an abortion -- a procedure that is illegal in Thailand under almost all circumstances. She has decided not to give up her baby for adoption, but to take some of the courses offered by the centre -- which include data processing, embroidery and massage -- ylung help her support her child alone. Then he kicked me.

Some girls, like Ying, are told to leave by their families because of the stigma of their pregnancy. Ben Bartanyi r admitted to performing a sex act on a Thai bar worker in broad daylight. The adolescent birthrate has continued to rise for younv last eight years, instead of the expected fall, according to Caspar Peek, country representative for the UN's Population Fund.

She now has no contact with the baby's father. Now I look for farang [Thai slang for Westerners] to support me. It has successfully reduced its birthrate from 6 children per woman 40 years ago with family planning programmes aimed at married couples, said Peek, who added that school teachers were "often uncomfortable" giving sex education classes. Like year-old Pook, who clasps her day-old son against her chest. In a Marriott there, a clutch of men loudly strategized about visiting a brothel where you must have two women at a time.

They need money for tools.

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Surely, family members would be horrified to know what comes with making the money they receive. He ran toward me, tried to punch me, missed and hit the wall. They moved to Pattaya or Bangkok to earn money to send tfen home. He said society was "very conservative" in Thailand where people "deny" issues of sexual activity among the young.

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Nobody seems to care. Thai teen pregnancy on the rise as sex education misses the young 0 Thai teen pregnancy on the rise as sex education misses the young published : 17 Jan at 0 0 Days away from giving birth and living apart from her family, year-old Ying is one of a growing of Thai teenagers to fall pregnant every year in a country where sex education is focused on the married. It was a raunchy scene where women were hhai available.

But they should be prepared," said Somchai Kamthong, the group's tewn of information, after giving a talk at a school in Bangkok.