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Welcome to reddit,

Fuck that clown lookin ass. Once the mighty glove is complete with all of the Infinity Stones, the wearer is practically a God, meaning surely he could do just about anything he wanted to do.

With what looks like minimal effort, he acquired two Infinity Stones, and time will tell just how many more he gets before the end of the movie. Sure enough, since then almost every movie has introduced a new mystical object that somehow contains the essence of one of the all-powerful Infinity Stones, which Thanos can be seen collecting in the Infinity War trailer.

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Seeing Thanos dank finally throw down with the heroes of the MCU is the realization of a franchise over a decade in the making, and promises to be every bit as good as all of the hype piled on it. His quest for the fabled Gauntlet is a well-known one in Marvel comics. All you need is your thumb and a purple marker, and with a little artistic flair, you can carry around your very own mini-Mad Titan wherever you go. Yes, if you change the skin color from purple to green and add some comical ear stalks, the Mad Titan bears more than a passing resemblance to the swamp-dwelling hero of Far Far Away.

He has a throbbing purple cock and his jawline can cut glass. His hobbies are genocide, killing his daughter, and fishing.


Not long after, Deadpool himself announced in the post-credits scene of his movie that the sequel would star Cable, the time-traveling X-Man and regular partner of Wade Wilson. He killed Tony Swag because Tony Swag took his infinity stones from him. Could Thanos be the first villain to truly wield it? Black Dan, Because he gave me the best dicking down of my entire last night.

It took a long eank for him to acquire all the gems, but when he did, one of his first acts was to wipe out half of all sentient life in the universe. When he turned up on Earth in the trailer, however, he was hatless, which led to many fans taking to the meme stream in an effort to help solve this problem. There were many more choices of headwear that fans picked for Thanos, but they all just proved that the guy can pull off any look.

With the potential purchase, Thxnos would own the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four franchises, which means Wolverine and Deadpool could soon be Avengers. It would take someone with a grizzled, tough guy demeanor, someone like Josh Brolin actually. He got upset because his infinity stones are actually penis enlargement pills. Women love him because of his asschin and because he is inevitable.

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Gamora and Nebula were introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was soon made clear that these two characters were not only sisters but the daughters of Thanos. Ok, maybe not, but we were certainly never expecting to see Spider-Man in an Avengers film either, and look how that turned out. If only there was a talking donkey in the Marvel Universe, and we may get an epic thanos dank. As we saw at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, he looks to have acquired quite a large spaceship, implying that it needs to be that massive to hold his gargantuan cosmic army, so many that took a while to sort out.

It made perfect sense that Cable would be in Deadpool 2, but the only question then was who would play him? All that aside, there was more than just a passing resemblance between Thanos and a giant purple thumb.

The trailer is the first proper look at Thanos in action on the Big Screen. Despite that, he still managed to be scary and an imposing presence in the trailer, living up to the six years of hype the characters had leading up to this, his big moment. With a little more time and thanos dank, you can probably put the rest of your fingers to use, and draw the rest of the Infinity War cast on those too, for the fully immersive experience.

The Goonies and Men in Black 3 actor has been in superhero movies before, playing the title character in Jonah Hex, but this would be his first role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Overall though, Thanos is a really cool and fun guy and is always down to hang and get fucked up with the boys. With such stylish flair as that, there was only one comparison to be made: Thanos was the new Salt Bae.

This hilarious mashup makes for a pretty great illustration and is exactly how Thanos comes across in the trailer. Ryan Reynolds has done such a good job of bringing an accurate portrayal of the Merc With a Mouth to the big screen that this would absolutely be the sort of thing he would do if he were faced with the mighty threat of Thanos. This is also an evolution, of sorts, of the look of Thanos.

It's really no wonder that Thanos talked about it bringing a smile to his face in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.