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Swingers swallow cum Searching Real Sex

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Swingers swallow cum

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So I'm not your typical girl.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: Search Dick
City: Callender, Greenup, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Mitcheldean
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Hairy Women Personals Dating Services Makaweli Hawaii

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As far as safe sex, of course usung everything available ucm, dental dams, finger cots is always a smart move but even using them HPV and other STD's can be spread.

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G-Spot, baby!! Geesh, get over yourselves. My wife likes swallowing and it helps to turn her on.

Damn skippy, IF ya start a job finish it lol We met with a couple once where Kat swallowed and the guy was sooooo happy because no one else, including his wife, had ever done that. You can let it run out of your mouth or let come all over you and you can also swallow it. I think not I love it when a girl will swallow, makes it even that much more intimate between you two, but like other posters said, have to be safe, and god forbid you have some putrid tasting jizz I just enjoy the attention.

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I'm jotting this swinbers Bringing Pleasure to the females!! September 4, We know a couple who we have been friends with and recently found out they are into the lifestyle. If so then you may be limiting yourself and missing out on some great sex otherwise. Just having my tool in another womans mouth is good enuff I can turn to my wife and give her the reward is great for me beggers can't be xum

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Always swallow How about enjoying the actual feeling of the blowjob, it shouldnt matter what ya do with the cum. Swinfers only swallow womens cum, not mens. I swallow because I enjoy it! Tell me what you like spit or swallow and why.

We haven't played with this couple, but my wife is not really interested already knowing that they have this rule. You should never spit it out! My mommy raised me that it was impolite to spit. We don't play with random couples we don't know, but when we do, we like to be able to have the wives swallow the other mans cum or snowball it.

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From a man's point of view, I don't care if a woman spits or swallows You say the other woman doesn't swallow. Not everyone though and simply when I want to.

I don't know where men got the idea that their cum is just well, God's gift to women lmao and that we dwingers sit around craving it. HPV very rarely infects the mouth Smooches, Just a risk we all take!!!!

I want people to be honest with me too. Do you need to have a woman swallow in order to feel satisfied?

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It does not matter to me where it goes. Dont mind when they swingerd in my mouth, but than let it run out or bring it to the sink I swallow for my hubby but wouldn't for anyone else.

Does the other couple's rule state that your wife can't swallow his load? Thats what I'm all about!! Gotta Love 'em!! I know some guys probably don't eat the right things, and their cum could have a bad taste. But Todd is right, just depends on the mood and if he can get it down to my mouth :laugh: sometimes it ends wwingers elsewhere Is there a no kissing rule as well?

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You mentioned kissing in the title but not the body of the post. But they have a rule that she doesn't swallow. Is this a common rule, or is it situational? Love watching a man cum though so I'd be happy to let it go anywhere else on my body RE: spit or swallow? Swngers RE: spit or swallow?

If they think it is not worth it to get a blowjob because the lady doesnt swallow, then they got their priorities screwed. If I don't swallow, I allow it to dribble out of my mouth and down my chin, I think that's sexy, but that's just me, everyone is different! We realize swallowing is intimate, but that's what makes it a turn on for both of us. It may be their rule simply because she doesn't like it so they give it as a rule so their is no confusion.