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The saddest thing about all this is I keep seeing the same people in the area. Chinese prostitutes displaced Hispanic sex workers in the massage business.

Police find online prostitution easier to track. It would please me if my images would be considered art, though. How do the office people and business owners in the neighborhood react to this?

I saw another photographer post some mugshots on his website, so I wondered how long it would take to find some of the subjects that I had photographed. Why'd you start taking pictures of streetwalkers? Most people are amazed that this activity goes on in broad daylight.

I have a quiet life with a wonderful wife and a nice home in the suburbs--I couldn't imagine the hardships or trials of someone that lives on the streets and is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Taking the business online is easier, pays better and is safer in terms of assaults and arrests for prostitutes than streetwalking.

All of Hillsborough — 1. In Broward County, which has a population of 1.

I think that my photos give people a glimpse into lives that are hopefully nothing like theirs. There's just sttreetwalker escape from the cycle of crime, arrest, release, and back to crime again.

He prostituted at least three minors. Last year, a federal judge in south Florida sentenced yearold Miamu immigrant Miguel A. What is the worst thing you've witnessed?

I don't consider my photography "spying. Have you ever talked to the women and drug addicts you take pictures of?

Their route to Florida followed that of migrant farmworkers, their primary clients. My wife and I do donate to several of these agencies that provide assistance, but otherwise, what am I going to do?

Massage parlors were run by Chinese nationals, were highly organized and had direct links to China. I haven't seen arrests in person, but the police force is very active in this area. They competed over things like who had the biggest ring, but not violently. One day I asked a friend of mine to loan me a camera and that's how it all started.

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A lot of the girls in your photos are doing crack and heroin in the middle of the street. I've been seeing them every day for more than 20 years. International crime networks, which local law enforcement lacks the resources to pursue, controlled the prostitute flow.

Others mention how "perverse" they feel this type of photography is. We're not sure if we agree streetwalker miami spying on members of one of the world's most awful professions in one of the US's most awful cities, but ever since discovering DC's tumblr where he combines his daily photos with mugshots of drug and prostitution arrests from the area, we can't stop not looking away. The first time I searched it only took me five minutes to find someone I had already photographed.

But I can't spend my time worrying what people think of my photos, you know?

Streetwatch miami

How long had the urge to spy on them been brewing before then? Almost all of his shots are taken with a telephoto lens from his car or office window, but most of them have a well-composed and almost staged-seeming quality that make them look less like police surveillance photos and more like fashion spre from one of the harshest lookbooks of all time. Think of what it would be like not to know when your next meal is coming, or your next drug fix.

When did you start doing that?

Off the Street Most enforcement efforts these days focus on services advertised online — most particularly on human trafficking. Try yourself. Hernandez already had been sentenced to six years in prison in Spain for immigration fraud but skipped to the United States without serving his sentence. I enjoy taking photos and I appreciate other photographers' work as well, but at the end of the day photography is just my hobby. Do you ever feel bad about photographing them without trying to get in touch or help any of them with their situation?

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Some had H2B visas, the visas for streetwalkdr U. Many pimps were former drug dealers who found pimping more lucrative and safer from arrest. Tweet Snap "DC" is streeetwalker television director for a public broadcasting station in Miami and an amateur shreetwalker who started shooting the prostitutes who work around his streetwalker miami in You also check the county corrections' website to find mugshots associated with the girls you photo. The fact that the same people survive in the area for more than three years and are continually getting arrested for drugs and prostitution shows just how hard it is to get off the street.

Pimps networked socially with each other, keeping tabs on law enforcement, were knowledgeable about the conviction rate of particular prosecuting attorneys and made their plea decisions accordingly and were savvy about holding property in their own names.

One day I watched a woman's "boyfriend" slap her bloody during a fight on the corner. I would like people streetwalker view these images and feel gratitude that their life is a lot better, safer, healthier than others' in this world. I'm doing this so that people can see what a tough life really is. They live around my work in Downtown Miami.