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This include the seasoned forummer PAPsmearers. For some reason the Singapore authorities have something against this site despite the fact that it is helping hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans daily.

Just fuck them and be done with it. › eat-drink-man-woman › what-happene.

Singapore's best Alfresco Coffee Experience! Today, Singapore is the most expensive city eventhough Singapore has no minimum eammyboy and have imported millions of foreign workers. If you do arrange social meetings through this site, do NOT reveal your primary sammyboy nick.

More and more Singaporeans have awaken from their slumber and feel the pinch of day to day burden which is artificially created by PAP. 7 early 8 early want surf prawn.

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Singapore high cost of living is not related to high wages or Singapore lazy mentality. If you're up to your ears with all this Sex Talk. Both forums (sex + non-sex) are still up.

It is not easy to explain. Premium Membership details.

What happened to sammyboy forum?

The only change is PAP who is more greedy to feed his multi millionairs sed and jerk up all our cost of living. Prior to internet and your forum existence, Singaporeans only rely on SPH media which is always twisted in its logic and idea and Singaporeans brains have been twisted to think that this world only has Singapore and PAP.

I am not going to create alternate addresses anymore it is too expensive and takes a lot of time and effort to configure and install. XxChaosxX PM Supremacy Member. Singaporeans, like our forefathers, are always hardworking and creative and this has never fodum changed.

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Singapore is expensive because of high cost of living imposed by Government and government is using our wammyboy earn money to blunder in various loss making investment. Whores are for fucking not loving. Cities like Tokyo and Norway, have minimum wages and very little foreign workers but they are not more expensive than Singapore. Thank you very much to Sammyboy Forum!!

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Just consider the site blocked from now on. TOR good can also access pornhub boss got no alternate address? Coffee Shop Talk of a non sexual Nature Visit Sam's Alfresco Heaven.