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Show your interest. The video ends lookijg Little Mix back inside the police van, looking at the camera in defiance, before the screen fades to black.

At one point we see them walk across a wooden pathway shaped to look like a massive ruler, which could be a commentary on how the music industry measures women's worth on their looks, hence why the girls are dressed so glamorously. While this happens, we see the group performing the choreography on top of the police van. Ask for help. And this should be done very cautiously because when prey is easy to get, it's not as valuable anymore.

It looks quite dangerous.

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One of the first classes we see is of Little Mix going through multiple seemingly robotic physical exercises in unison - all with books on their he - before each member gets tested individually. The group also ofr wear black polo necks. Little Mix are also seen at a dinner table, politely, yet robotically, eating what seems to be nothing.

The game of "a man is a hunter, and a woman is the prey" is ancient, but it's still apt sometimes.

Woman like me

Men don't have many of these chances today when women are so strong and independent. It lokking revealed that the group is being taken to a finishing school, in a castle-like building, in order to be taught how women should properly behave.

Women love brave and decisive knights. Bad: "I can't understand people who love riding motorbikes. They are all wearing black leotards.

Artwork[ edit ] The artwork for the song was released along with the video, and has been noted for featuring the group looking distinctly more "natural" than their usual look. When you smile, you send a man a al: fkr am happy, and I can make you happy too. Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest "Of course, women are smarter. Here is a plan from Bright Side and men themselves.

This is a way to make a man feel like a rescuer and to show him that you like him because you chose him to help you. Rebellions occurs in the individual classes as well - Thirlwall deliberately ruins the tea by overflowing it with sugar, Edwards burns a hole in the cloth she's ironing and so throws the ironing board over in protest, Pinnock uses her vacuum cleaner as a means for dancing, while Nelson vandalizes the roses by cutting them up and ripping them apart with her teeth.

It's easy to li,e someone's mood even from a distance.

I am search man

In between these scenes, we see the girls performing intricate choreography on chairs, wearing the same leotards as in the police van and strutting around the building, clad in all black, lace, aristocratic-inspired outfits. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Luke music video opens with the group in a police van, as Jesy Nelson sings the opening lines of the song.

Later on, the video cuts to a shot of each of the girls doing something that is stereotypically feminine: Perrie Edwards is ironing, Jade Thirlwall is pouring tea, Nelson is smelling and arranging flowers, and Pinnock is vacuuming. Thank them sincerely. If you don't understand anything, don't be too shy to tell him that. The camera then cuts to them in front of the van in colourful outfits, dancing around as Leigh-Anne Pinnock takes over with her verse. But you'll probably agree that sometimes that interest needs to be encouraged.

As this happens, the video cuts to the girls beginning to find discomfort in the roles they've been confined to. Even when you are talking to him on the phone. It's very dangerous! So smile!

As the final chorus hits, Little Mix, in the dining room - having had enough of being restricted - begin to eat burgers instead, messily but womzn. Have you ever heard of a woman who would lose her lookingg because a man had beautiful legs? We also see the group in a room with weighing scales, which could be seen as a subtle way of saying how women aren't seen as equals in the music industry.

The thing I love about it is looknig most of the video is us all as a group. So ask a man questions about his hobbies, views, values, and goals.

This may look sweet — just do it nicely. Perhaps inviting him to your house to fix something is not always appropriate, but you can easily ask him to move some stuff loo,ing check that strange noise in your car. Watch him, and ask more questions about the topic that he talks about the most.

And she was right because being cunning is very important in relationships between men and women. So how should you let a man know that you are interested in him but keep him wanting to play? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Fro help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.