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Ecards im sorry

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The message is written on the bottom in dark blue. I Forgive You. Send them an I'm Sorry card to let them know.

Some people would leave the person in discomfort and hope the problem blow over rather than confront them, although sometime confronting them can do as much damage as hiding away. Doggone.

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No matter what type of apology you need to make, we've got you covered. I'm So Sorry (Postcard). The good thing about a sorry eCard is that you don't have to do either of these things. If so, you have found the perfect card! Share.

Sorry ecards

Send Sorry Ecards Quick And Easy In Minutes! It's a funny, but sincere way to get your point across. So, if you've done someone wrong, ecaards amends with our feisty cowgirl. Send this card to say "I'm sorry" today!

This card features a cute gray kitten who is looking at the card's receiver with a sad expression. Steve Parish Sent Sorry - Punish me This card's background has the branches of a Japanese cherry blossom tree in the top left corner and a swirl of pink, green, red, black, and purple colors mixed together ecsrds the rest of the card.

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I'm Sorry Tell them you're sorry w/ personalized eCards from JibJab. He has a lot to apologize for, but he's happy to help with your apology first. At the bottom, an adorable pug looks sad as he lays on a cushion.

Apologizing is a part of life, but it's also a way of admitting you made a mistake and will work on your behavior in the future. We offer free digital eCards that are sent via ,facebook and twitter. Now you can with this I'm Sorry card! You can send a sorry eCard without imposing on your recipient's personal space whilst still showing that you care and you want to help them make it better, rather than just saying nothing and leaving them with the impression that you don't care.

In this way, sending a sorry eCard is probably the most sensitive thing you can do, so it's great news for you that we have a fantastic selection of sorry eCards at eCards. Use this I'm Sorry card for your apology today. Do you want to tell them you are sorry for what you have done?

Browse Loading View In a Funk - Sorry eCard View I'm Sorry About the Misunderstanding eCard. Send your apologies with this I'm Sorry card before the day is over! Do you want to send a sweet apology to the person you wronged?

Sorry ecards

Do you wish you could let the wronged person know that you regret your actions? Send them viaFacebook or Twitter. The background is a pretty sky blue with a bouquet of red poppies and white daffodils in the center. Our little buddy, Mortimer has a pretty big list of stuff he's sorry for, so let him give you a hand.

I'm Sorry - Forgive Me. I'm So Sorry. I am Srry Sorry Card Send this Card Don't let the sun go down on your anger and don't let this day pass without saying sorry to those you have wronged.

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Nothing says you're sorry like a Doozy ecard, so pick one out today and start making amends. The background features a gray sky with white and gray clouds. Site Links. Send Oops and Sorry ecards to the person you have wronged through to I'm Sorry. This I'm Sorry card features bright pink tulips, which symbolize good wishes, and a brown paper-wrapped package that is tied with twine.

Both items sit on a white-washed wooden table. Send this card to say how sorry you are today!

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Share. The message is written at the bottom in large pink lettering. Send this I'm Sorry card to show how sorry ecarda are. It's Fast And Fun To Send Sorry Ecards To Show You Care.

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Use this card to right your wrongs with humor before the hurt continues. This card's message is written in blue at the top of the card, which has a tan background. A simple way to say your peace, this sweet ecard is a little silly too! Share.