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Backpage sports equipment

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This PS is complete in the original box, with 4 factory mags 2 CA compliant and 2 Restricted LE magspaperwork, and factory test target!!

These are all easy soft targets for the crazies that want to make a name for themselves or their group. There is also a small scratch on the right side of….

Text Things have changed for me in thirty-plus years This Model is complete in the original box, with all paperwork, keys, and moon clips!! Bought a really nice British Sterling 9mm rifle with the collapsing stock and the "stinger" barrel.

It is not a firearm and considered a pepper spray dispenser or OC delivery system. Work great, sold gun. I remember seeing these for sale in Shotgun News in the early s. I prefer to do it there, where I have time to really inspect the firearm before I buy it.

Think about when you are out at a concert, ball game, Theater, Mall or any venue where there are a lot of people grouped together. These gun free zones may sound like a good idea to those folks that are wearing rose colored glasses, but to anyone with common sense knows that we need to be prudent based on school shootings, theater shootings and what just happened in Paris, France.

It has been fired. In today's crazy politically correct world, a lot of places are banning guns from the premises leaving most people completely unprotected from someone that doesn't care about the rules.

I have bought a few gubs at gub shows from private sellers at the Hilton now called the Grand Sierra Resort. Must have been bavkpage older one because the later ones had the handguard going all the way to the muzzle. Mine could be converted to SBR by just getting the tax stamp and lopping-off the barrel about two inches or so in front of the receiver.

I was a college kid with no money, so they were out of reach. Click to expand Comes with 2 mags and soft sportz.

The bluing is excellent, with one small ding at the muzzle and a wear sportts on the rear tang from the hammer. Same for Nevada.

Why would you take your family to an open venue when you can't defend yourself against any threat! Used a bunch works great. Gun free zones are targets to the unhinged mind because they know that they will be able to commit carnage and it will take time before anyone shows up to stop them.